WASHINGTON, Aug. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The illegality of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s experiments on human beings with deadly pollutants will be exposed by Energy and Environment Legal Institute senior legal fellow and JunkScience.com publisher Steve Milloy at a special convened meeting of the National Academy of Sciences on Wednesday, August 24 at 1pm ET.

“EPA secretly hired the NAS to whitewash its illegal experiments,” said Milloy. “We uncovered the secret whitewash and compelled the NAS re-open the process so that it can avail itself of incriminating evidence the EPA has covered-up,” added Milloy.

Milloy will make a 30-minute presentation, which will be followed by 30-minute presentations from John Dunn MD, JD and Stan Young, PhD. Presentations will be followed by NAS Committee discussion and an opportunity for public comments.

For years, EPA has quietly been experimenting on humans with what the agency describes as deadly pollutants, including soot and diesel exhaust. Though the EPA tells the public and Congress that there is no safe exposure to these pollutants, it experiments with them at very high doses on people who the EPA says are most vulnerable to them, including the elderly (up to age 80), children (as young as age 10 years), and sick people with asthma, diabetes and heart disease.

In March 2014, the EPA’s inspector general issued a report critical of the EPA’s human experiments. The embarrassed agency then quietly hired the National Academy of Sciences in an apparent bid to obtain a clean bill of health for the agency’s otherwise unethical, if not illegal experiments.

“I learned of the NAS review when it was virtually over. There had been no public notices of the review,” said Milloy. “But after a little sunshine on the covert doings, the NAS decided to reopen the process and have another public meeting for my colleagues and I to present the vital information the EPA has concealed from NAS,” Milloy explained.

“The EPA tried to con the National Academy of Sciences into whitewashing EPA’s illegal experiments. We will expose the details of this con at the meeting,” Milloy promised.

The factual background for the controversy is explained in a July 24 Washington Times commentary by Milloy available here.

The meeting is being held via webinar. The meeting agenda is available at the National Academy of Sciences website. Viewing/listening to the webinar requires contacting Mr. Orin Luke of the National Academy of Sciences at [email protected] or 202-334-2034.

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SOURCE Energy and Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal); JunkScience.com