by Kelsey Brugger
E&E News reporter

In the first half of 2020, Trump officials are hurrying to fundamentally change the way environmental rules are crafted.

The administration plans to finalize regulations that could hamstring future presidents from making rules that rely on public health studies or fail to fully consider the benefits to Americans.

Trump’s regulatory plan released last fall showed hundreds of “economically significant” actions that the administration plans to finalize this year. Of those, at least 18 are noteworthy environmental rules — on air pollution and emissions to drilling and water quality…

Steve Milloy, who served on the Trump transition team and publishes a blog called Junk Science, said the Trump administration has reined in an overregulating EPA, but “the deregulatory stuff needs to pick up the pace a little bit.” He pointed to fuel economy standards for cars.

“There are other things that have fallen through the cracks that need to get done,” Milloy added.

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