by James Murphy
The New American

On Tuesday, the nations of the European Union agreed to a deal that will outlaw the sales of new fossil fuel-powered vehicles by 2035. The deal was reached after the bloc of nations finally agreed to a German demand that there be a carve-out for cars that run on so-called e-fuels.

E-fuels, theoretically, would be fuel synthesized from captured carbon and mixed with hydrogen gleaned from so-called sustainable energy sources. Large-scale technology to produce e-fuels is not yet available.

So, the climate hysterics are putting the cart before the horse once again. The Wall Street Journalreported that the EU had “backed down” on the issue of fuel-powered cars, but as climate realist Steve Milloy pointed out: “The EU didn’t backtrack on anything. It fooled Germany into signing on to the gas-car ban with an exception for imaginary e-fuels.”

But even that exemption for a fuel technology that doesn’t truly exist yet drew ire from some in the climate cult.

“The automotive sector has wholeheartedly embraced electric cars, rendering the previous debate on the matter absurd and damaging Germany’s credibility,” said Michael Bloss of the German Green Party. “It is now time to make reparations.”

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