by Chris Woodward

According to a leader in the fight against junk science, there’s “zero science” behind a new warning that the world must reach “peak meat” by 2030 to meet environmental targets.

The meat and dairy industries have long been thought responsible for a large amount of the emissions that individuals, think tanks, and special interest groups point to as driving what they consider man-made climate change.

In a letter to The Lancet Planetary Health Journal, scientists claim nations need to set a time frame for livestock production to stop growing by 2030. Only the poorest countries would not need to set goals.

Author and founder Steve Milloy says the notion that somehow eating less meat is going to change the weather is totally bogus.

“There’s absolutely zero science behind that,” he adds. “If you think that eating fake meat is carbon free, well, you’re wrong [because] there’s obviously carbon emissions involved in that. How much is not really clear, but more importantly, it’s not really making any difference.”

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