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Steve Milloy, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow, has used Twitter brilliantly to provide a clever, alternative, science-based response to the “climate” debate.  Once Elon Musk took over the platform and allowed a non-state-sponsored narrative to be heard again, Milloy emerged from a shadow ban hell and now tops nearly 90,000 followers.  His witty tweets encompassing sound scientific reasoning make him a must-follow on the issue.

Using a recently released NOAA graph showing no rise in temperature over the past eight years, he tweeted that the scientific agency makes it official, “CO2 warming is a hoax.” The Tweet was picked up and retweeted by a number of influencers, and even the new boss of Twitter, Elon Musk commented on it.  Milloy moved quickly past his 89,000 usual followers and reached more than 13 million views worldwide.

Usually accustomed to ignoring contrarian viewpoints because of the lockdown of free speech on Twitter, the state and corporate-sponsored media no longer have this luxury in the Musk-Twitter era.  The gaslighters responded quickly. The likes of the Associated Press, which used to be the standard bearer for American Journalism, jumped into action with a “Fact Check” about the Milloy tweet that included the headline: “Temperature graph misrepresented to deny climate change.”  The “fact-checkers” used the tweet in question as a strawman to then show how Milloy and other social media users are using “a small portion of a graph from NOAA to support the erroneous claim that global temperatures are falling rather than rising, meaning global warming is not real.”

Austria’s version of the Associated Press (AAP), got into the action as well.  Their “fact-checking” article declared victory for the good guys: “Scientists roast climate denier on cooling claim,” repeating the tired mantra of the Climate Left that somehow all real scientists are in agreement on the issue and anyone claiming otherwise is a pseudo-scientist.  The article’s Verdict (sounds official doesn’t it), was that Milloy’s claim was…”Misleading.”  And then added, “The claim relies on cherry-picked data, selecting a particularly hot year as the base. Longer-term data shows a clear trend of rising global temperatures.”  The irony of the Left and their propaganda machine claiming that anyone other than themselves have cherry-picked data would make even Alanis Morissette blush.