by Thomas Catenacci
Fox Business

Six experts warned congressional leaders not to follow Europe ‘blindly into the same disaster’

A group of energy and environment experts are sounding the alarm on U.S. climate policy and pointing to Europe’s crisis as an example of “blindly” abandoning energy security.

In a letter Tuesday, the coalition of six experts urged congressional Republican leaders — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. — to consider how green policies have contributed to the energy crisis in Europe. They added that the crisis proves the U.S. lawmakers need to bolster, not “compromise,” energy security.

“The actual environmental benefits of ‘green’ energy are few and far between, if there are any at all. Yet its economic and national security impact is immeasurably negative,” the experts wrote in the letter. “Compromising American energy security for the sake of climate alarmism is more than a misstep, it is a catastrophic error – just look at Europe.”

“Defending our nation’s energy economy and independence must be a priority,” they continued. “Europe’s energy crisis sits as a clear and present warning of what may lie ahead if we continue down this road, let us not follow them blindly into the same disaster.”…

[Heartland’s James] Taylor was among the experts who signed the letter to McConnell and McCarthy on Tuesday.  He was joined by Craig Rucker, the president of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow; Kent Lassman, the president of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI); Myron Ebell, the director of CEI’s Center for Energy and Environment; Gregory Wrightstone, the executive director of the CO2 Coalition; and Steve Milloy, a senior legal fellow at the Energy & Environment Legal Institute…

“All this stuff puts us on the path to becoming Europe and climate foolishness has caused all the problems that are going on in Europe right now,” Milloy told FOX Business.

“They started getting rid of their coal plants, replacing them with wind and solar,” Milloy added. “In the case of Germany, Germany spent more than $500 billion doing that. You get to 2021 and then all of a sudden, the wind stops blowing in Europe or declines a little bit. And that started the energy crisis because if there’s no wind, then you have to burn more natural gas.”…

Milloy said when EU nations turned back to natural gas, they were forced to boost Russian imports, encouraging Russian President Vladimir Putin proceed with his invasion of Ukraine.

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