by Thomas Catenacci
Fox News

Asking developing nations to develop green energy instead of fossil fuels is the ‘epitome of privilege,’ Power the Future executive director tells Fox News Digital

The climate agenda pushed by Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry and left-wing activists across the world would cause severe devastation to third-world countries, according to a series of experts.

The experts interviewed by Fox News Digital argued that green energy technologies that Kerry and groups like Just Stop Oil have pushed for as a replacement for fossil fuels like oil and natural gas are unreliable and would threaten the stability of global energy supplies. Such a green transition would acutely impact developing countries which have fewer traditional sources of backup power, they added.

“We’re telling developing nations that we don’t want them to go through the process of developing, we don’t want them to have coal or natural gas or even nuclear. We want them to use wind and solar which is intermittent, which is ineffective, which is incredibly cost-prohibitive,” Daniel Turner, the executive director of Power The Future, told Fox News Digital in an interview…

“You can’t do this stuff and have reliable electricity,” Steve Milloy, a senior legal fellow at the Energy & Environment Legal Institute, told Fox News Digital. “It just doesn’t work. It doesn’t work in the United States and we’ve been working on it for 40 years. It’s going to be a disaster over there.”

“It’s the corrupt, small, poor governments have small, poor countries that the West is going to just give them money, a lot of which will be siphoned off for their own personal use,” he continued. “You can’t implement the green agenda even in wealthy countries. How are you going to do it in poor countries?”

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