by Katy Grimes, E&E Legal Senior Media Fellow and California Globe Editor
As Appearing in the California Globe

Newsom’s China trip and visit to BYD kind of feels as if he is rubbing our faces in it

Governor Newsom’s China trip itinerary includes stops in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. While Newsom claims the trip is a “climate-focused tour” with visits to a wind farm and Tesla’s new Chinese gigafactory, critics au contraire – Newsom is ignoring important issues with China, such as industrial espionage and human rights violations.

Others contended that the trip is a way for Newsom to gain valuable international experience for a future run for higher office, the Globe reported.

Perhaps the standout moment of his China visit was when Newsom was filmed behind the wheel of the Build Your Dreams (BYD) Company’s newest electric vehicle – while a California Fox News Anchor traveling with Newsom never apparently puts 2 and 2 together.

If BYD rings a bell, you’ll recall that Newsom purchased $1 Billion of masks from Chinese company BYD at outset of COVID pandemic using taxpayers funds? Oh yes, it was. #corruption – electric vehicle company creates mask division at outset of Covid.

And he even went back for more masks, spending another $315 million dollars. The Globe reported on it. RedState reported on it. Even some in California’s mainstream media reported on it. There were some unhappy Democrat members of the California Legislature who wanted Newsom’s unauthorized investigated and audited, but they quieted down after one demand letter to the Governor.

And then POOF – the media lost interest. Well, the mainstream media did.

Newsom’s current China trip and visit to BYD kind of feels as if he is rubbing our faces in it.

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