by Sean Reilly
E&E News Reporter

As author of the book “Scare Pollution,” Steve Milloy scorns the scientific consensus that long-term exposure to soot can be deadly in some circumstances or add to the risk of serious problems like stroke and asthma.

Now Milloy, a lawyer and former coal company executive, wants EPA to reappoint the former chair of an advisory panel who discounted research finding that the agency’s soot standards need strengthening to better protect public health, according to a roster obtained by E&E News.

The roster, released by EPA this week in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, shows who nominated each of the 100 active candidates vying to join the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee. The closely watched seven-member panel, usually known by its acronym CASAC, is charged with providing independent expertise to the agency during periodic reviews of the air quality standards for soot, ground-level ozone and four other pollutants.

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