by Bonner R. Cohen
Heartlander Magazine

Sitting on opposite sides of the fence, refiners and producers of biofuels are anxiously awaiting a decision by the Obama administration on the amount of renewable fuels Washington will mandate for use in the transportation sector.

In November 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a significant reduction in the federally mandated volume of biofuels in its Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) for 2014. Biofuels include ethanol from corn or other crops, soy-diesel, fuel from waste cooking oil, other vegetable oils or plant matter. EPA proposed limiting the mandate of domestic corn-based ethanol use to 13 billion gallons, and reducing its target for cellulosic ethanol to 17 million gallons…

“The RFS should be reformed, and the current reduced mandate is a step in the right direction,” said Tom Tanton, director of science and technology assessment for the Energy & Environment Legal Institute.

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