James M. Taylor
Managing Editor of Environment & Climate News
As Appearing in Heartland Institute’s heartlander magazine

The Chris Christie administration broke ranks with prominent Republicans and moderate Democrats by endorsing the Obama administration’s attack on affordable energy, with a New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection spokesman saying the Department and the Christie administration welcomed newly proposed federal EPA restrictions on coal power plants…

“Not only will the proposed rule dramatically increase costs to the American consumer, it is unlikely to reduce global emissions of carbon dioxide,” said Thomas Tanton, president of T2 & Associates energy consultants.

“As our productive activity wanes even further, other countries will pick up the slack,” Tanton explained. “Because those countries are generally more carbon-intensive, that productive activity elsewhere will lead to increased, not decreased, global carbon dioxide emissions, through leakage. This is simply another case of penalizing our successful industry that has made great strides in productivity and efficiency.”

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