by rymeradelle

According to new data, the amount of electricity from coal in the United States will rise this year for the first-time since 2014. This will be a blow to President Biden’s climate promises when Biden arrives in Scotland for the United Nations climate summit.

Global warming is being addressed by cutting down on coal-based energy production and promoting cleaner natural gas. This is what developed countries have been telling India and China.

According to U.S. Energy Information Administration (USAIA), however, the U.S. switched back to coal due to a spike in natural gas prices.

It stated that it expects 22 percent more coal-fired electricity this year than last, marking the first annual increase since 2014.

The details brought new criticism from all sides, and Biden was at risk of lecturing the developing countries to “do what I say, not how I do.”

Steve Milloy is a senior policy fellow at Energy and Environment Legal Institute. He said that the surge in coal usage was due to policies that demonize gas.

“Utilities burn whatever is the cheapest.” He said, “That’s coal right now.”

‘Biden is fighting the war on natural gases. If he gets his way, fracking will be ended. Fracking is the sole reason US emissions have decreased in the first instance.

“If you believe in reducing greenhouse gasses, then you will know that Biden’s plan is completely backfiring.”

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