by Jessica R. Towhey

A tweet war broke out this week between environmental activists trying to interrupt Chevron and ExxonMobile shareholder meetings and pro-energy and pro-consumer groups drawing a stark line about what they see as the stakes in the battle over oil exploration in Alaska.

Leading the charge for the environmentalists was the Sierra Club, which put together a protest outside of Chevron’s annual shareholder meeting in San Ramon, CA…

Steve Milloy, though, who popularized the term “junk science” and works with the Energy & Environment Legal Institute, hit back.

“Such BS. The ANWR area to be drilled is less than 0.01%. Radical green groups like @SierraClub and @350 want Americans beholden to the whims of mad men in Venezuela and Iran,” he tweeted.

ANWR – the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge – is an expanse of 19 million miles created in 1980 under the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act. Within that is an area called the “1002 Area,” which is about 1.5 million miles on the coastal plain. For comparison, imagine a land area the size of Massachusetts sitting inside one roughly the size of South Carolina. As Milloy tweeted, the area within ANWR is extremely small.

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