by Craig Richardson
Executive Director

Yesterday, December 9, I went to the UN’s 2015 Paris Climate Conference – COP 21, which is being held in a suburb of France’s capital city.  I interviewed E&E Legal’s Senior Legal Fellow Chris Horner, who is a veteran of these UN climate conferences, and he provided some excellent analysis of the Paris summit thus far.

I then ventured into the COP 21 climate pavilion, located adjacent to the official site where delegates are meeting to try to hash out an agreement.  The climate pavilion is where UN Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) and corporate sponsors are displaying their wares and pushing their agendas.

I interviewed Steven Groves, Heritage Foundation senior research fellow, whose expertise includes U.S. Sovereignty issues.  He provided some chilling details on the “International Tribunal of Climate Justice,” which some of the delegates are pushing to be included in the Paris agreement.  Steve and I also received a first hand education about ‘climate disruption.’