by Steve Milloy, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow and Founder
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Below is my 3-minute presentation of my shareholder proposal at today’s ExxonMobil annual meeting. Although I lost the shareholder vote — both management and institutional shareholders are climate bedwetters or activists — I got enough votes to have my proposal automatically qualify for next’s annual meeting. I’ll be back.

Good morning, my fellow shareholders. My name is Steve Milloy.

Our share price was rocked this year by an oil production war and the coronavirus lockdown.

You may think these events were unforeseeable and management is simply doing the best it can.

Or, you can realize ExxonMobil operates in a dangerous and unpredictable world where management must be prepared for all sorts of catastrophic events.

I filed my shareholder proposal because I take the latter view and management is letting us down.

Our world runs on fossil fuels.

Nothing in our world happens without them.


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