by E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow and Founder
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Just filed, here is the memorandum in support of a preliminary injunction against EPA in Young v. EPA. Dr. Young has asked the court to step in immediately and to block EPA from starting the CASAC advisory process until the CASAC can be reconstituted in the balanced manner required by the law. Dr. Young and other highly qualified scientists were purposefully and unlawfully excluded from CASAC so that EPA’s panel of hand-picked grant recipient cronies could rubberstamp, in an expedited manner, the agency’s predetermined regulatory agenda with respect to fine particulate matter in outdoor air called “PM2.5.” EPA has clearly violated the intent and letter of the law. If allowed to proceed with its corrupt panel, EPA and the public will be deprived of Dr. Young’s expert, independent and unbiased views. Given the significance of PM2.5 science to EPA PM2.5 regulations, which have been the basis of EPA’s most consequential and costly air quality and climate regulations, it is incumbent up EPA to base regulatory decisions on the best available science vs. the corrupt process in place now. Here is my op-ed about the case in today’s Washington Times.