by Steve Milloy, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow and Founder
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It appears that John Kerry will continue his 50-year career of subverting America as Climate Envoy in the Biden administration. Since his days of slandering US combat troops in Vietnam to Congress, to his days as Obama Secretary of State (think Iran nuclear agreement and the Paris climate accord), Kerry has endeavored to put America last. Although Kerry admitted at the 2015 Paris climate conference that US emissions cuts would not change the climate, he hailed the agreement as one of his ‘proudest moments.’

Just this weekend in addressing the G20, President Trump stated that the Paris agreement “was not designed to save the environment. It was designed to kill the American economy.” It looks like Kerry agrees with Trump’s assessment of the effect of the Paris agreement on climate. Given Kerry’s anti-America history, President Trump’s entire assessment of the Paris climate agreement is likely correct.