by Nik Rajkovic

It didn’t take long for the Biden administration to cripple the oil and gas industry by halting the Keystone project and drilling on federal lands.

Steve Milloy, former Trump EPA transition member and founder of, says Biden devastated thousands of hard-working families with a couple strokes of his pen.

“In his first few days in office, he’s killed 80,000 high-paying coal jobs. You had 20,000 from the Keystone XL and then another 60,000 from the ban on drilling on federal lands,” he says.

It’s all part of the Democrats’ “Green New Deal.”

“Environmentalists want to go from this COVID lockdown, which crushed oil prices, into a climate lockdown,” says Milloy. “They never want to recover. They don’t want the airlines to recover. They want to build it back green, whatever that means.”

“That’s just going to be devastating for large parts of our economy.”

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