President Biden chose Thursday, which was also Earth Day, to begin his two-day Climate Leadership Summit.

But contrary to its promise, it lacked leadership, had nothing to do with climate, and very nearly wasn’t even a summit.

That was clear from the outset. The summit, which was conducted as a virtual meeting, was plagued by technical glitches, giving it a distinctive amateur appearance. Biden opened the meeting with a tweet.
“Today I’m bringing together leaders from around the world to meet this moment of climate peril, and extraordinary opportunity,” he said. “No nation can solve this crisis on its own, and this summit is a step on a path to a secure, prosperous, and sustainable future.”

That was probably the clearest message of the event. It was all downhill after that…

The proceedings streamed live on YouTube. Junk Science founder and Fox News contributor Steve Milloy observed that at the start that there were “only 200 YouTube viewers for Joe Biden’s #LeadersClimateSummit.”
An hour later that number dropped to 160 viewers. As U.S. climate envoy John Kerry was delivering his final remarks, Milloy said there were a mere 23 people watching.
He added, “Climate is not only a hoax and a fraud … it’s a yawn.”