by B.D. Hobbs

How did the energy capital of the world go days without power? It’s one of the many questions ERCOT is trying to answer in the aftermath of last week’s epic winter storm. But one thing we have learned for certain. Texas is giving it’s power away. Under pressure from Washington, Texas has tried to deal with the ‘green new deal’, but last week proved that idea was a true disaster. Steve Milloy, a former Trump EPA official told KTRH, “What kicked it all off was the over reliance on wind energy. I know there’s been a lot of spin, people trying to say ‘fossil fuels weren’t ready either’. No they weren’t, they weren’t ready on purpose! The grid operators and the politicians thought wind was going to work and it didn’t.” No it did not, and Milloy says hopefully this will be a wake-up call. What should also be alarming? The fact that some Texans want to trade in an energy industry that is worth $350 billion for one that will be worth just $1.5 billion! in 2025. The reality is, the ‘green new deal’ is a horrible deal for Texas, and the U.S. Milloy also told KTRH, “this has been a disaster and I think voters need to rattle some political cages. This was a serious error, and it could happen again in the summer.” Let’s hope not.

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