by John O’Brien
Legal Newsline

WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) – Democrats in the U.S. Senate are attempting to link the subject of one of their pet projects to the COVID-19 pandemic, while looming is a general election that will have a great impact on the future of the liability-expanding measure they tried to force through last year and failed.

Dems like Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Dick Durbin of Illinois signed on a June 26 letter to the Department of Health and Human Services requesting research on whether exposure to chemicals known as PFAS effects coronavirus patients differently. Those senators lost their PFAS fight last year but 2021 could be a different story if this year’s election falls their way.

“Looks to me like just more ‘never let a crisis go to waste,’” said Steve Milloy – a lawyer, founder of the website and a member of President Trump’s EPA transition team who thinks the PFAS scare has been overblown because of “lousy” research.

“There is no reason to think PFAS exposure has anything to do with COVID-19 outcomes. They are just making it up.”

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