by John O’Brien
Legal Newsline

CONCORD, N.H. (Legal Newsline) – New Hampshire lawmakers are betting big on private lawyers and the state attorney general to provide budget relief – even after officials found the AG unsuited to serve on the state Supreme Court.

An estimated $200 million project is on the horizon for the state after its General Court passed strict regulations targeting chemicals known as PFAS in drinking water. To fund this project, legislators are counting on lawsuits filed by AG Gordon MacDonald, who hired private lawyers on contingency fees…

“My general feeling is this whole PFAS scare is way overblown,” Steve Milloy, a biostatistician who served on President Trump’s transition team for the Environmental Protection Agency and has made a career of resisting what he feels is “junk science,” previously told Legal Newsline.

“It’s all basically running on the notion that detection is toxicity and if you can find it someplace and find people who were exposed to it, that’s bad.”

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