by Michael Bastasch
Daily Caller

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt’s decision to bring more transparency to the science his agency relies on to issue new regulations has met intense opposition from the left.

The New York Times launched a two-pronged offensive against Pruitt’s transparency policy that included an op-ed by the Obama administration’s top two EPA officials. They said Pruitt’s policy puts “profits of regulated industries over the health of the American people.”…

In fact, Steve Milloy, publisher of, said McCarthy and McCabe — indeed, all critics of Pruitt’s transparency policy — the research community already has mechanisms to protect confidential medical data.

“In the first place, the only information fields needed by researchers are date of death, age at death, cause of death and zip of residence at death,” said Milloy, a senior fellow at the Energy & Environment Legal Institute who’s spent decades working on science policy.

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