by Jim Gunner

Would you read a betting sheet that got every race wrong? Would you bet on a team that never won a game? Well, the same Democrats who have been telling us since the 1970s that the Earth is doomed within a decade because of climate (add latest hoax) are still at it.

Fox: “Advocates of combating climate change are increasingly invoking doomsday scenarios to pressure President Biden to take unilateral action to lower greenhouse gas emissions, despite a history of such claims falling flat.

The rhetoric is coming not only from progressive activists but also Democrats on Capitol Hill. Lawmakers, in particular, have intensified their doomsday predictions as hopes for a climate change deal have waned within the Senate in recent days…

“People have been proclaiming the end of the world since forever. All have been wrong,” said Steve Milloy, who was an Environmental Protection Agency staffer for Trump. “They make these End Times predictions for a variety of reasons ranging from ignorance to politics to personal aggrandizement. Climate alarmists are trying to surf a heat wave to pressure Joe Biden into declaring a climate emergency,” he said.

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