by Jim Gunner

It may not be a big deal to rich people or rich politicians like Joe Biden, but average Americans are losing their shirts at the gas pumps.

I’ve got two trucks that I use for my small business that run on diesel and because of the price of gas now it makes me have to save in other areas like taking my family out for pizza or burgers. This isn’t right.

We work hard and this is what we get from Washington and the elites. When Trump was president this didn’t happen. During then Americans were paying half of this at the gas pump. Thanks Joe Biden. Thanks a lot.

“All 50 states had a national retail price over $4 a gallon on Thursday, according to AAA, with Oklahoma offering the cheapest gas at $4.03 a gallon and California offering the most expensive gas with an average of $6.06,” said the American Automobile Association Monday. But Biden thinks it’s okay because he wants to take away our cars and trucks…

“I blame Biden for all lack of production. He has scared away investment,” energy analyst Steve Milloy told FOX Business last week. Biden finds “any excuse to not drill. They even tried to use the social cost of carbon decision to stop leasing.”

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