by Kevon Martis, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow
As Appearing in the Midland Daily News

My recent wind energy zoning presentation at Bullock Creek High School on behalf of the Ingersoll Township Concerned Citizens spawned an ill-informed op-ed by Peter Sinclair in which he accuses me of misleading and distorted statements and further questions my objectivity and financial motivations.

Thankfully there is a complete video record of the event so Midland County residents can do their own analysis:

While the video presentation speaks for itself, Mr. Sinclair’s naked attempt to discredit me by attempting to tie me to big oil, big coal or now, apparently, even big tobacco are not really worthy of response. Nonetheless, I will simply repeat what I have told Peter several times publicly: I receive no funding from any industry sources and my position as director of the non-profit Interstate Informed Citizen’s Coalition and my fellowship with E&E Legal are unpaid.

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