by E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow and Founder
As appearing in the Washington Examiner

As the international climate alarmism movement descends on Glasgow, Scotland, for the 26th annual United National climate conference, the world is plunging into its worst energy crisis since the 1970s. And it is the alarmism that has caused the crisis.

Since the world first contracted a serious case of climate alarmism more than 30 years ago, rich countries have rushed headlong into “greening” their electricity generation. It’s been out with the coal and in with the wind and solar, especially in Europe. This has all occurred because of what the head of the Polish ruling party described this week as “some unproved theory .”

This greening has not been without pain. Germans, for example, pay such high prices for electricity, more than twice what Americans pay, that it has been talked about as a “luxury good.” People in New England and California pay 70% more for “green” electricity than people in West Virginia pay for coal-based power. And what has the rush to green produced?


Emissions continue their inexorable rise upward, only slowed once in a while by an economic downturn or, most recently, by the pandemic. You almost don’t even have to argue over the “unproved theory” since, as the U.N. recently described, emissions are going up with “no signs of peaking .”

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