by Steve Milloy, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow and Founder
As appearing in the Federalist

In his $2 trillion climate change proposal this month, Joe Biden promised, whether he knows it or not, to entirely decarbonize America if elected president. As the candidate touted false promises of a green paradise, however, he failed to describe what his nonsense agenda would require Americans to sacrifice.

Before detailing what decarbonizing the United States would really mean for Americans, let’s get a couple of points straight. First, every single part of life depends on fossil fuels. From wind turbines and solar panels, to electric cars and bicycles, to organic foods, the job you have, or where you live, nothing happens without fossil fuels. Furthermore, there is no substitute for fossil fuels, nor is any magic substitute technology on the horizon.

Second, decarbonizing America is not about averting climate change or improving the weather. Regardless of climate science views, simple math shows there is nothing Americans, neither as individuals nor as a nation, can do to materially or meaningfully alter atmospheric greenhouse gas levels over the next century. Climate activists know this because they, too, can do the simple math.

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