by E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow and Founder
As Appearing in the Washington Examiner

Despite the mixed signals from the 2020 election, the exit polling indicated one clear loser: the Green New Deal.

Joe Biden was both for and against the Green New Deal. In a debate, he said it would pay for itself. Sentences later, he denied he supported it even though his website said the Green New Deal was a “crucial framework” for his own plan.

No matter, though. The exit polling shows that the climate issue was simply not a voter priority anywhere. The high mark for climate seems to have been in Colorado, where 9% of voters said climate was their priority. But in states such as Florida, Texas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and even Biden’s Delaware, a mere 3% of voters said climate was their priority.

None of this is to say that Democrats won’t keep trying to force the Green New Deal or variations of it down our throats. They certainly will.

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