by Steve Milloy, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow and Founder
As appearing in the Washington Times
A new UN climate report reveals why this fall could be the most decisive one for the future of America.

The report, entitled “Nationally Determined Contributions Under the Paris Agreement,” assesses progress in nations’ promises to cut emissions since the 2015 Paris Climate Accord. The keyword being “promises,” not actual emissions cuts.

According to the report, even if the 197 separate national promises to cut emissions were kept, emissions would still be 16% higher in 2030 than in 2010. But of course, nations are not living up to their promises to cut emissions. So in 2030, emissions will almost certainly be much greater than just “16% higher.”

The report clearly illustrates that while politicians have been happy to promise to cut emissions, actual emissions cuts are not being undertaken. Why? Because emissions cuts are not really possible while maintaining and growing economies and standards of living.

For the past 30 years, climate alarmism has been fueled by its own propaganda. Cynical politicians, reacting to media and activist pressure, promise to cut emissions at distant points in the future. While the politicians get cheered by the media and activists for their so-called “climate ambition,” the promised cuts are so far off in the future that none of the cynical promise-makers actually have to do the expensive and politically unpopular, if not impossible work of actually cutting emissions. For today’s politicians, the climate is all gain and no pain.

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