by Steve Milloy, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow & Founder
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Because cow farts have no effect on the climate.

Fake meat and veganism are making strides against the meat and dairy industry under the guise of global warming or climate change. This may be news to the meat and dairy industry, but there is absolutely no science to support blaming the meat and dairy industry for global warming.

Yes, it’s true that livestock are sources of methane (natural gas). It’s also true that methane is technically a greenhouse gas that has about 20 times more heat trapping potential in an empty sky scenario than carbon dioxide.

But that’s about the end of the truth. There is no truth to the notion that livestock emissions of methane – or any emissions of methane at all – are warming the climate in any discernible way.

So how can methane be 20 times more potent that carbon dioxide yet have no meaningful real-world warming potential? The physics are really pretty simple.

Greenhouse gas theory holds that ultraviolet radiation from the Sun is absorbed by the Earth and then gets re-reradiated back to the atmosphere as infrared radiation.

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