by Asha Glover
Morning Consult

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman faced hesitation from his own allies after launching an investigation into whether Exxon Mobil suppressed climate change information in order to protect its own business interests, according to emails released by the Energy & Environment Legal Institute on Wednesday.

In an email sent on March 30 from Scot Kline, who is listed as the Legal Division Chief in the Vermont attorney general’s office, to Peter Washburn, the New York attorney general’s environmental policy advisor, Kline suggested the word “investigations” be dropped from the term “Exxon/Fossil Fuel Company Investigations” in a thank you letter because not all states had opened formal investigations and wanted to be cautious about the wording.

Kline also expressed some concern about the scale of a climate change meeting between state attorneys general in an email to the head of the New York attorney general’s Environmental Protection Bureau, Lemuel M. Srolovic.

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