by Jack Fitzpatrick
Morning Consult

Conservatives have found themselves at odds over the Paris climate agreement, disagreeing not only about whether the U.S. should stay in the international accord, but also whether the deal was a formal treaty, which would require the Senate to approve it.

Declaring the Paris deal a treaty would make it more difficult for the United States to stay in the accord since the Republican-controlled chamber is unlikely to sign off on the deal. The debate over the issue has exposed a rift among Trump’s top supporters, as both sides try to sway his actions on the greenhouse gas-cutting accord, first negotiated by his predecessor, Barack Obama…

At a Tuesday Capitol panel on the Paris accord, Chris Horner, senior legal fellow at the conservative Energy and Environment Legal Institute, argued the Paris agreement is a treatypointing to the fact that many other countries ratified it as such.

“Why shouldn’t we be more like Europe?” Horner asked. “And Mexico? Why does the U.S. have to be the outliers and be the only Senate not permitted to vote on this?”

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