Joseph Vazquez
MRC Newsbusters

The eco fanatics over at The Associated Press are trying to have their cake and eat it too by screeching “climate change” to explain both freezing and warm weather happening simultaneously around the world.

AP’s climate agitprop artist-in-chief Seth Borenstein ran another one of his signature environmentalist specials with a headline that was nothing short of comical: “US in deep freeze while much of the world is extra toasty? Yet again, it’s climate change.”

Borenstein must have realized that his headline was contradictory because he tried to explain it away in the first paragraph of his piece: “Much of the United States is shivering through brutal cold as most of the rest of the world is feeling unusually warm weather.”…

Then came the kicker: “However strange it sounds, that contradiction fits snugly in explanations of what climate change is doing to Earth, scientists said.” founder Steve Milloy ripped Borenstein’s ridiculous take in comments to MRC Business. “The climate hoax has always been based on ‘say anything’ science and that’s exactly the position the hoaxers have been placed in with the present brutally cold weather,” Milloy rebuked.

Borenstein continued: “If it seems as if the world has gone topsy-turvy, in a way it has.” He proceeded to blame the contradictory phenomenon on alleged warming in the Arctic destabilizing the polar vortex: “Because this all comes from what’s happening in the Arctic, where it used to be warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. Now, it’s warming three to four times faster.”

Milloy retorted that this is a “long debunked hypothesis” brought about by an AP activist masquerading as a journalist who “has a long history of uncritically parroting climate alarmists.” Milloy rebuffed Borenstein’s argument:

Borenstein suggests that warming has somehow destabilized the usual circular Arctic wind pattern (polar vortex) diverting the cold weather across the Northern Hemisphere. But these sorts of diversions have always happened and are not new. Moreover, if warming diverted the polar vortex, the effect would be stronger in summer. But that is not what is observed. Borenstein’s assertion that the Arctic is warming four times faster than the rest of the planet is also not supported by credible temperature data. Current Arctic sea ice extent is the same as 2006 despite a trillion tons of emissions. Greenland has not lost any ice over the same time period.

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