by Jay Clemons
As Appearing on NewsMax

President Joe Biden’s climate czar has apparently drawn the ire of free speech advocates, after imploring social media platforms to censor criticism of the White House’s energy policies.

Gina McCarthy, who was also the environmental director for former President Barack Obama, has reportedly encouraged Facebook and Twitter to remove climate critics from their respective platforms.

She also characterized dissenting opinions about the Biden administration’s green initiatives as “disinformation.

In a recent Axios virtual interview, McCarthy said, “The tech companies have to stop allowing specific individuals over and over again to spread disinformation. … We need the tech companies to really jump in.”…

In a statement, Steve Milloy of the Energy and Environment Legal Institute identifies McCarthy as Biden’s “climate fuhrer” and said she is “the one peddling disinformation.”

Milloy then added, “Psychologists have a term for McCarthy’s use of ‘disinformation.’ It’s called ‘projection.’ She’s actually doing what she accuses others of doing.”

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