by Blake Dodge

With the Nobel Peace Prize becoming more political in the last decade, many were wondering what message the selection committee wanted to send this year. Choosing Reports Without Borders would have bolstered independent journalism in the age of “fake news,” while awarding young activists in Hong Kong could have signaled the committee’s support for democracy and free speech in communist China.

Some betting sites favored Greta Thunberg, one of this year’s 301 nominees for the coveted prize. Thunberg’s unapologetic climate movement captivated the world’s attention and made “Greta” a household name, but skeptics of the 16-year-old’s chances pointed out she hasn’t exactly caused sweeping reforms or reduced violent conflict on the ground, which the committee, at least historically, is tasked with rewarding…

[Steve] Milloy seem to think the award wouldn’t resonate much with U.S. conservatives.

“I speak for a lot of people when I say we don’t think much of the Nobel Peace Prize. It used to be awarded to people who helped bring peace to conflict and spread humanitarian work, but recently it’s just sort of become a political correctness award,” Milloy said. “It’ll be a big splash and you know the mainstream media is gonna have it all over the place. But in the end, who cares,” he continued…It bothered Milloy that Thunberg travels in a “yacht,” takes cues from her parents and advances an agenda long adopted by liberal elites.

“She discredits herself and is used as a human shield to advance the many-headed climate alarmist monster,” Miller said. “She’s 16. She should be in school learning stuff, but of course she can’t do that because she’s got these stage mom parents behind her,” he continued.

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