by Marita Noon
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Failing to push its unpopular policies through Congress, the Obama administration has resorted to regulatory overreach—and assembled a campaign to use friendly governors and state attorneys generals, in collaboration with pressure groups and ideologically aligned benefactors, to advance the agenda…

Presumably for this reason now-disgraced former Oregon Governor Kitzhaber’s highest-paid aide Dan Carol—“a former Democratic opposition researcher,” who, according to the Oregonian, “worked on behalf of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama”—received an enthusiastic response from the White House and its allies for hatching a climate-change scheme. Remember, Kitzhaber resigned from office on February 13, 2015, amid allegations of criminal wrongdoing for the role his fiancée, Cylvia Hayes, held in his office and whether she used that role to obtain private consulting work promoting the climate agenda. Carol, who was paid close to double Kitzhaber’s salary, according to a new report from Energy & Environment Legal Institute, left his public position “after appearing to have too closely intertwined government and the tax-payer dependent ‘clean energy’ industry with interest group lobbies.”

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