by JD Rucker
NOQ Report

There was a time when conservatives needed to read between the lines in commentaries and editorials to isolate creeping socialistic ideas being pushed onto an unsuspecting audience. It was like searching for subliminal messages in television ads; you had to slow it all down to see what the underlying message really was. Today, that need has diminished. They don’t try to sneak in Marxist, communist principles under any guise. Today. they’re just saying it.

They can do that because of two important changes in modern society. The first is the acceptance of cultural Marxism, which I’ll cover in the near future. The second is climate change hysteria which is spreading like an intellectual plague through the masses. Many have become such adherence to the tenets of climate change activism that it has become more of a religion than actual religions. It’s a cult, but not one that hides in the shadows. If anything, it’s doing its best to stay out of the shadows and shove its ideological premises in our faces. And that’s the point. They want to be able to make any claim or ask for any sacrifice by the people. Climate change is the trump card they can play to try to shield any of their demands from reproach. If you won’t give up ______ for the sake of saving the planet, then you must be a selfish climate change denier in their books…

“The key thing to keep in mind with climate activism is that it is ideologically driven – and that ideology, whether they admit it or not, is totalitarian control of everything or communism,” said Steve Milloy, founder and publisher of Junk Science. “Climate is not about the controlling the environment. It’s about controlling us.”

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