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Joe Biden issued an executive order to ban fracking on federal lands. The order was signed Wednesday, which Biden declared as “Climate Change Day.”

In an address, Biden claimed he wants to protect jobs even amid his left-wing climate agenda.

“This is not the time for small measures,” Biden said. “We need to be bold. So let me be clear, that includes revitalizing the economies of coal, oil and gas and powerplant communities. We have to start by creating new good-paying jobs.”…

“The effects are gonna be felt nationwide because the reason we still have $2, $3 gasoline is because of fracking,” Milloy stated. “If Joe Biden succeeds in getting rid of fracking, we’re gonna have $8 gasoline, $10 gasoline. That’s just gonna be economically devastating.”

This order is just the latest in a string of catastrophic economic decisions Biden enacted as part of his climate agenda. Earlier this month, Biden rescinded the permit for the Keystone XL oil pipeline, which put an estimated 20,000 people out of work.

“It’s a completely pointless loss of jobs, it’s going to cost billions of dollars in well creation, billions of dollars in state and local taxes, and all for no reason,” Milloy added. “Because the oil that he is trying to block from being refined in the U.S. is just gonna come over the border not by pipeline, but by railcar, which is more dangerous.”

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