by Craig Richardson, E&E Legal Executive Director
As Appearing in Inside Business Daily

Billionaire Tom Steyer vowed to make climate change a major issue in the 2016 election. His plan was to link arms with the AFL-CIO to mobilize the Democratic base and recruit Millennial voters to rise up to defeat Donald Trump and put Hillary Clinton in the White House. He failed abysmally on every count.

One might be tempted to feel pangs of sympathy for the man who is showing every sign of positioning himself for running for governor of California in two years and who presumably hoped his electoral heroics would make his star the shiniest among those Democrats aspiring to even greater heights.

More’s the pity that he spent so much of his own money in this failed effort. A lot of it. In fact, the hedge fund tycoon spent more money than any other individual in the 2016 election cycle. His crocodile-tear declaration in July that, “We believe that there is too much emphasis on money in politics” notwithstanding, Steyer and his super PAC NextGen Climate Action poured about $100 million into the election effort.

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