by E&E Legal President Craig Richardson
As Appearing in MRC’s NewsBuster

On September 16, social media lit up with a Wall Street Journal breaking news report that the Trump Administration is seeking ways to stay in the Paris Climate Treaty.

After working with dozens of other free market, pro-liberty groups for six months encouraging the President to keep one of his most important campaign promises — to withdraw from the economy-killing and poverty producing Paris climate accord — I feared the worst. Despite his June 1 announcement that he intended to withdraw, the swamp had finally gotten to President Trump.

A colleague emailed, simply, “fake news.” The White House quickly sought to shoot the report down. The President had not reversed course on withdrawing from the Paris Climate Treaty, that is unless his team strikes “a better deal”.

This exercise was a reminder: The fight leading up to the President’s announced intention to withdraw from Paris was intense.  He faced enormous pressure from leaders around the world, domestic and international corporate media, multinational corporations, universities, think tanks, and numerous other external forces. The loudest cries were from those who have a vested interest in the $1.5 trillion global climate change industry.

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