by Alicia Freese
Seven Days

Former Vermont attorney general Bill Sorrell didn’t show up Wednesday morning for a deposition related to a case brought by the industry-funded Energy & Environment Legal Institute, which claimed Sorrell flouted court procedure by skipping the proceeding.

For more than a year, the Washington, D.C.-based group has sought records from Sorrell and other state attorneys general regarding a potential investigation of ExxonMobil. The organization twice sued the Vermont AG’s office while Sorrell still held the post, and the cases have continued since his departure. Among other issues under dispute, E&E Legal argues that Sorrell must hand over files from his private email account…

E&E Legal attorney Matt Hardin disagreed with Donovan’s assessment, saying that Sorrell flouted court procedure by failing to appear for his scheduled 10 a.m. deposition. “We’re gonna say he needs to be punished for not showing up,” Hardin said.

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