by Kim Riley

Net metering — the billing mechanism that allows electric utility customers to be compensated for the electricity they sell back to their utility — should be reformed to best support all customers, according to a new study published by the State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF), a Washington, D.C.-based conservative policy nonprofit.

“Net metering continues to perpetuate an unfair marketplace through large subsidies to the ‘haves’ at the ‘have nots’ expense,” said SGLF Deputy Executive Director Casey Dietrich in a recent statement. “It should be a priority for every legislator with constituents impacted by this disadvantage to remedy the issue and balance the unfair market.”…

“These numbers reflect growth rates of approximately 29 percent per year for both the number of customers and the amount of electricity sold back to utilities. These rapid growth rates are largely a result of overly supportive and overcompensated subsidy policies, such as retail rate NEM,” writes study author and independent energy expert Tom Tanton, director of science and technology assessment for E&E Legal, and president of T2 & Associates.

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