by Nancy Smith
Sunshine State News

Some time ago I had an epiphany about climate change. I came to realize it’s not so much that conservatives don’t buy into it, it’s that they don’t trust a word out of the mouth of the Obama Administration’s lawless, monster of an Environmental Protection Agency.

The agency has thoroughly earned their distrust.

That came home to me again Friday in a Wall Street Journal story, “The EPA’s Secret Staff,” in which a WSJ reporter revealed the EPA’s secretly worked with environmental lobbyists to craft its Clean Power Plan regulating greenhouse gases. Through the Freedom of Information Act, the Energy & Environment Legal Institute obtained government emails that blow the whole scam wide open…

The WSJ gives credit for exposing the emails to Chris Horner, an attorney for the Energy & Environment Legal Institute. Horner pursued the FOIA requests as relentlessly as Javert pursued Jean Valjean in “Les Miserables.”

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