by Tom Tanton, E&E Legal Director of Science and Technology Assessment
As Appearing in The Sacramento Bee

The Center of Biological Diversity’s relentless campaign against domestic energy production in California has reached new lows for distortions and fear-mongering. The opinion piece the group published in The Sacramento Bee was a case in point (“Fracking wastewater threatens aquifers”; Viewpoints, Feb. 22).

The Center of Biological Diversity is part of an anti-energy movement that is sweeping California and has a penchant for sensational statements. For example, the center claimed California’s regulation of industrial wastewater “poses a profound threat to our future.”

In an effort to exploit a disagreement between two government bureaucracies for its own ideological agenda, the center claims the state has failed “to protect California’s water from oil industry pollution.” The California and the U.S. EPA are engaged in discussions about how California has regulated the Underground Injection Control program and how it will regulate it in the future.

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