by Nick Pope
The Daily Caller

The Biden administration maintains that it is not attempting to ban gas stoves, but its spending on building electrification programs indicates that it may be able to effectively phase out gas stoves by helping local governments ban gas hookups in new buildings.

The Department of Energy (DOE) will spend $225 million to help state and local governments adopt building codes that are in line with its electrification push, according to its website. The push to achieve widespread building and appliance electrification could induce a de facto gas stove ban for new buildings by eventually phasing out new gas hookups, a policy pursued in several Democrat-controlled jurisdictions.

“Jurisdictions have tried to ban gas hookups, and they have lost in court,” Steve Milloy, senior legal fellow for the Energy & Environment Legal Institute and former Trump Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) transition team member, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “They’re not going to stop, they don’t care what the courts say and they are going to try to bulldoze their way to policy objectives.”

The DOE is also poised to spend $46 million to “help advance cost-effective solutions to successfully electrify” residential and commercial buildings, accordingto its website.

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