by Marlo News, et al
As appearing on The Daily Signal

The social cost of carbon is a climate economics construct used to quantify the damages associated with carbon dioxide emissions. The Biden administration wants to use the social cost of carbon in public policy to justify its regulatory agenda.

The administration recently invited the public to comment on the Interagency Working Group’s interim technical support document on the social costs of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide.

The comment period closed Monday. We submitted our own comments signed by 13 organizations: Competitive Enterprise Institute, Energy & Environment Legal Institute, Center of the American Experiment, CO2 Coalition, Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, Center for Political Renewal, Energy Policy Advocates, National Center for Public Policy Research, Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, Caesar Rodney Institute, John Locke Foundation, Rio Grande Foundation, and Buckeye Institute.

In a nutshell, we developed a multilayered case against the Biden administration using the social cost of carbon analysis as a basis, framework, or tool for guiding or informing federal agency regulatory, permitting, or procurement decisions. Specifically, we argue that the social cost of carbon analysis depends too much on non-validated assumptions and inputs to be fit for policymaking.

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