by James Murphy
The New American

A lawsuit brought by 14 Hawaiian children, ranging in age from nine to 18, claims that the Aloha State’s Department of Transportation is making it impossible for them to have a happy and healthy life free of climate-change related hazards. The suit was filed on Wednesday in the First Circuit Court in Honolulu.

The suit seeks to make the state admit that it has a constitutional obligation to protect the climate for future generations.

Fronting the cost of the lawsuit for the kids are climate alarmist non-profit groups Earthjustice and Our Children’s Trust, two groups who claim to be dedicated to securing the rights of children to live in a healthy atmosphere.

According to the lawsuit, the defendants — the Hawaiian government and the state’s Department of Transportation — “establish, maintain, and operate a state transportation system that violates Hawai‘i constitutional mandates to protect public trust resources and the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonizing the transportation sector.”

[E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow and Founder Steve Milloy Tweeted]:

Greens hide behind 9-year old in lawsuit claiming Hawaiian highway cause global warming.

It should be evident to all that climate is a clown show.

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