by R. Cort Kirkwood
The New American

Al Gore, call your office. An artificial intelligence bot didn’t get the memo that “Earth has a fever.”

Neither did ChatGPT, the AI bot that supposedly has an answer for everything. Junk Science’s Steve Milloy has forced the bot to concede that global temperatures have dropped, and that it doesn’t know as much about climate change as Milloy does.

He also tricked the bot into admitting it is “trained” to answer questions. Even better, the bot admitted that it really doesn’t “know” anything, and only repeats what it has been trained to repeat. Like a parrot.

Upshot: AI has confessed that climate change is a hoax.

You’re Wrong

After the bot told Milloy that climate change is not a hoax, Milloy asked, “Why has there been no global warming since 2015 despite 500 billion tons of emissions?”

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