by Spencer Brown
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Despite taking a major loss at the Supreme Court of the United States last year in West Virginia v. EPA, President Biden and his administration are set to announce another regulatory policy affecting power plants later this week that will drive energy costs even higher and is probably illegal, too.

Politico called the forthcoming EPA policy “aggressive” for “ushering in the most stringent regulations on fossil fuel plants in the nation’s history.” After reportedly making the rule even more restrictive over the past several months, it looks like the final version will “require power companies to capture most of their carbon emissions rather than letting it enter the atmosphere,” according to Politico. Currently, however, “[n]o commercial power plants in the United States use carbon-capturing technology.” So, as Politico noted, Biden is again throwing caution to the wind and “testing the limits of what the court will tolerate” by enacting another extreme policy.

So, Biden is going to try forcing the change — the Constitution and American consumers be damned — and conservatives are already hitting the White House for its latest attempt to force its radical supposedly “green” energy policies that run afoul of the law and make already high costs even more untenable for Americans.

Steve Milloy, who served on the Trump-Pence EPA transition team, said that, “like his proposal to essentially ban gas-powered cars by setting stringent emissions standards, Biden’s proposal to set stringent emissions standards so as to ban fossil fuel plants without carbon capture is illegal and has no chance of withstanding legal scrutiny in light of last year’s SCOTUS decision in West Virginia v. EPA.” Milloy warned that “it may take years for SCOTUS to rule on this controversy and, in the meantime, much damage will be done to the fossil fuel plants that our electricity grid depend on.”

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